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SafeHOA Member Guidelines

SafeHOA is NOT a substitute for 911 or other emergency services. In any public safety event, members should contact local authorities first, before sharing on SafeHOA

The safety and security of members is of paramount importance to HOAs . For that reason, forward-thinking associations want to foster an inclusive online community where all HOA members feel safe and well-informed about public safety information. To ensure that SafeHOA remains a platform for HOA members to respectfully and safely interact with each other, The Neighborhood App, LLC has created the following Community Guidelines. 

Violating our Community Guidelines or the spirit in which they are intended may result in the removal of the offending content along with account termination. HOAs will work with law enforcement in any case where there exists a threat to public safety. 

If HOA members identify anything that violates TNA's Community Guidelines, the user is encouraged to flat the post as inappropriate. A designated HOA board member will immediately review the relevant posts and may permanently remove it as his/her discretion. TNA, working with the HOA, will work to ensure compliance with the Community Guidelines, and while The Neighborhood App, LLC respects free speech, SafeHOA is never a forum for politics, recommendations, or lost pets. 

SafeHOA is not designed to be yet another social media platform. Instead, the app helps HOAs transform social media to 'Safety Media'.

Community Standards

The following lists the pillars of our community standards, the guidelines within which we hope to develop a robust and diverse community dedicated to making their neighborhoods a safer place to be. 

Crime and public safety related content

The SafeHOA App is a forum to share, discuss, and raise awareness about crime and safety-related activity in HOA communities. Content that is not related to crime and safety in your HOA area should not be posted and will be removed immediately. This includes links to external sites that do not fall under the definition of "crime and safety-related content."

Provide as many details as you can to help identify suspects

Before you post any content about particular individuals, consider the behavior that made you suspicious and whether such suspicion is reasonable. In describing individuals, focus on providing a sufficient amount of relevant details to distinguish this individual from others who may share similar characteristics. Reports that, for example, list nothing but a suspect's ethnicity are not nearly as useful as ones that also include the suspect's hair color and style, clothes or jewelry they were wearing, approximate age and/or distinguishing marks, tattoos, or scars. 

Treat fellow HOA members with respect

SafeHOA is a diverse and inclusive space for HOA members to safely interact with one another. While we encourage open communication amongst community members, there is no place for direct threats against any individuals, bullying, harassment, and any posts that demean, defame, or discriminate against any groups of people.

Protect yourself

It is up to individual HOA members to decide how much personal information they wish to share on The SafeHOA App. TNA recommends that you do not share information about yourself that you consider to be personal or private, such as your email or telephone number. Please consult with local law enforcement in cases that pose immediate danger or threats to your safety or security. 

Respect your fellow HOA members

Before you post any content, please make sure you have the right to do so. Please do not post pictures of people taken where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy (such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and changing areas) without their knowledge or consent. Please think carefully before you post identifying information about anyone in the community. 

Do not post rude or vulgar comments or sexually suggestive content

Do not share any sexual or sexually suggestive content, even if it is crime or safety related. If you have such content that you think will be useful in solving or preventing a crime, please contact law enforcement.

Do not post advertisements or solicitations for business

SafeHOA is designed for HOAs to offer their members a forum for people to make their community safer. As such solicitations for business or advertising are distracting and inappropriate and will be removed.