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The Neighborhood App™, LLC is an innovative software company creating public safety apps for Home Owners Associations (HOAs) and Neighborhood Watch programs. The unique systems provide HOA members an ability to post and view community member alerts related to neighborhood safety. The app also provides residents with real time access to local law enforcement bulletins, and provides a mechanism in which HOAs can interact and positively impact their members with important public safety notifications.

Let’s face it… Facebook®, Twitter®, and NextDoor® are all great ways for friends and communities to interact. Until now, however, there has been no camera-independent app that is 100% dedicated to neighborhood safety

That app is SafeHOA™ from The Neighborhood App, and helps HOAs turn Social Media into Safety Media.

SafeHOA completely changes the way your HOA interacts with its members! Deliver public safety with your HOA brand today!

With SafeHOA, Homeowners Associations, Neighborhood Watch programs, and other community structures give users a platform to discuss actual safety and crime related occurrences via an easy-to-use mobile app. Unlike social media platforms or doorbell-based neighborhood apps, SafeHOA App is not filled with doorbell camera video, political arguments, annoying ads, or posts about lost cats.  

So long Social Media. Hello Safety Media for Homeowners Associations!

How can SafeHOA revolutionize your community safety?

Community-Based Security Alerts

The SafeHOA app guides users through the process of reporting public safety information such as car wrecks, break-ins, and suspicious activities. 

Users simply select the type of incident, severity level, and date/time. Photos and videos related to the incident can also be uploaded. 

Instantly, neighbors and community residents are notified so that individual safety decisions can be made!

Neighborhood Watch and HOA News

HOAs and Neighborhood Watches constantly struggle with how to get important information into the hands of the community quickly and accurately.
Facebook®, Twitter®, and NextDoor® are messy and often contain conflicting opinions and arguments.
With SafeHOA, however, HOAs can provide accurate and timely information for all concerned parties to see!  Sharing public safety news has never been easier!

Engage with Local Law Enforcement

Where available, SafeHOA delivers public safety information directly from local law enforcement agencies. If your police department tweets it, SafeHOA users will receive it.

With SafeHOA, the community is updated directly by law enforcement through their own tweets and bulletins!

From traffic wrecks to fires and shooting alerts, SafeHOA delivers the news directly into your hands!

About The Neighborhood App, LLC

The Neighborhood App, LLC is a Texas-based limited liability company conceived of in the Vista Ridge High School INCubator Program in Cedar Park, Texas. INCubator is an innovative program where students - paired with volunteer entrepreneurs and mentors - acquire foundational business concepts and apply them to new business ideas.

Here, students develop and iterate their own ideas to start REAL businesses in high school. The Neighborhood App, LLC was formed by seniors Michael Allen, Jacob Biggs, and Ridge Dutkin and is a shining example of the program's success.

Backed by a team of veteran business people and operated with local tech entrepreneur Douglas Wood of Case Closed Software, the company is revolutionizing neighborhood security communications as the country's first and only dedicated public safety app for HOAs and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

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